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Have you ever experienced your water bill increasing at a rapid rate? Slab leaks are the most common type of leak in residential homes. Slab leaks occur when water finds its way through cracks and crevices in concrete slabs, pipes, or joints that run underground. Slab leaks can cause significant damage if left untreated because they often go undetected for months or years before being found. Luckily there are four simple steps to detecting slab leak so it doesn’t wreak havoc on your budget!

Moisture Under Carpet and Other Flooring

When water leaks into the concrete floor surrounding your home, it will often seep up through gaps in hardwood floors or carpet. Slab leak detection can be as simple as lifting your carpets to check for moisture on your subflooring. If you have a slab leak, there is likely also dampness between tiles along walls near exterior doors. Moisture under carpet may not be visible so checking other areas throughout the house with different types of flooring are key! If you find moisture, call California Repipe Specialist today!

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man straining to hear a noise

Hissing Sounds

Did you know that sound waves travel faster through water than solid objects? Slab leaks often emit a hissing noise when running water is detected. Similar to the way your ears perk up at the familiar sound of rain, you’ll be able to detect slab leak by listening for this distinct whistling or sizzling sound! Once again, as with moisture detection it’s important to check different areas throughout your home in case there are multiple leaks.

Low Water Pressure

One of the most obvious signs that you have a slab leak is low water pressure. Slab leaks can cause your hot and cold water to mix together or simply run dry because it’s leaking somewhere underground! Low pressure in one area of your home isn’t enough evidence alone, but if multiple areas are experiencing this issue, there is a strong possibility that a slab leak exists. It’s important to note here too that while slab leaks often affect both hot and cold water supply lines, sometimes only one side will be compromised depending on where the crack occurs. If you suspect either occurrence then give California Repipe Specialist a call for help determining whether or not it may be due to an unseen pipe break below ground level!

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water meter

Water Meter Spinning or Increased Water Bills

If you suspect a slab leak may be occurring, the most surefire way to confirm it is by checking your water meter. Slab leaks can cause dramatic spikes in water usage because of undetected underground leakage that could occur over months or years. Once again this is an issue that occurs both at home and business owners should check their meters often for signs of irregular activity. If you notice increased household utility bills without corresponding increase in occupants then chances are something could be wrong with either your hot or cold supply lines! Slab Leak Detection isn’t difficult but if left alone too long these cracks create very expensive problems so call California Repipe Specialist today before more damage happens!

Slab leaks are a major issue in many homes and businesses across California. If you suspect a slab leak may be present it’s best to call California Repipe Specialist  and get your residential repiping estimate today!