Wish to be able to give this company a 10-star review

We just had the repiping (using PEX) of our house completed by California Repipe Specialists. We wish to be able to give this company a 10-star review, but unfortunately the maximum allowed is only 5. We requested a quote on July 12, 2017.
The company president, Mr. Patrick Shane Reed showed up on July 13, 2017 with a very fair estimate. The job was scheduled to be performed on July 27, 2017.

Around 8:00 AM on July 27, 2017, a crew of 8 persons arrived. While Mr. Mark Garcia, the group supervisor, surveyed the working area to determine where the new pipes should be routed, his crew members got the house ready. In a short time, each person was assigned to be in charge of an area. Beside being professional, they were very curteous and kind. Mr. Shane and Mr. Mark, please relay our appreciation to your plumbing workers, namely Gabriel, Mike, Joseph, Ken, Vincent, George and David. By the end of the day, as promised, we have our water running again. The crew has done a really fantastic job. Not only did they work hard and efficiently, they did show respect for our property and did thoroughly clean up after the work is done. This was Thursday. Because of the week-end, the city inspection has been scheduled on the following Monday.

On Monday, July 31, 2017, the City Inspector stopped by. The repiping has passed the rough inspection with flying colors. The Inspector only required the addition of one item: a 8 ft supplement ground rod. This will be checked on the final inspection.

Around 7 PM of the same day, we were advised by Mr. Shane that the patching team will come the next day (Aug 1st) at 8 AM. Everything goes well as expected and the job was completed by 3 PM. We could not believe our eyes when we look at the patching work. It’s totally awsome. In fact, we think that in most patched areas, the painting would not be necessary since they do blend perfectly into the all texture. We really appreciate the work of the following patching team members: Ryan Palmer, Ramon Patino, Canyon Eldredge, Jose David Milina, Walter and Philip Gorman (If we omit by mistake the name of any crew member, we sincerely apologize).
We would like to take this opportunity to present our appreciation and our best regards to California Repipe Specialist and its employees. It is our great pleasure to have done business with this great company.
We are definitely going to recommend this company to our friends and/or acquaintances.

Again, thank you very much for a job well done.

Tran & Pham family

Tran & Pham family