Willing to Answer Any Questions I Had


I wanted to reiterate what Sue said to you about your crew. We’ve dealt with a number of contractors over the years, and their workers have often seemed sullen and uncommunicative, some downright nasty, and one who hired a sub who in turn hired some druggie off the street as his assistant, and that SOB stole my wedding ring and a ring that had belonged to my mother.

Your guys are just the opposite – despite being here a full 12 hours yesterday, they remained happy and friendly, albeit dog-tired by the end, and they seemed to genuinely enjoy working together. All were quite willing to answer any questions I had, and I instinctively trusted them. The job was not without a few glitches as it was rather complex, but they figured out the problems and quickly corrected them. They did a good job of cleaning up, too.

Very happy we went with your company.

Doug Collins, Hermosa Beach