Outstanding Work and Professionalism!

“After experiencing 3 plumbing leaks (2 of the major variety) in less than a 3yr period, my wife and I decided to have our home completely re-piped.  Knowing very little about plumbing work and not having any friends in the industry I quickly began researching online.  I look at the various pros and cons of various plumbing options, including full Copper, EPVC and PEX tubing.  After extensive research on how to make an informed decision on re-piping a home I began contacting several Southern-California area re-piping specialists for bids on the job.  Among the various companies was California Repipe Specialists who I found through my online research process.  I had a great first impression.  My first contact was with a pleasant young lady who politely took down my information and said she would have someone contact me by end of the day to discuss the work to be performed.  Within a 2hr period I received a call from Shane who was also very professional on the phone and made me feel like I was in good hands.  After discussing the details of the work to be performed, Shane was able to make it out to my home within a few days to do a site survey.

On the day of the site survey, Shane showed up on time and (like the other vendors we had already engaged with) began evaluating the work to be performed.  Our home is a 2-story home with 3 FULL bathrooms, a bar and fridge with water/ice-maker.  We also had planned to install a water-softener and filtration system which we had included in the statement of work.  I was immediately impressed with the way he evaluated the work and felt like I was in the hands of a true professional.  I most appreciated that he not only took the time to check each location but was already thinking about the least intrusive way to approach the job.  Shane provided some unique, well-thought out suggestions on how to install the piping as well as a detailed overview of not only what he planned to do but also how he planned to execute the job.  He also made some great suggestions to replace some older faucets with more efficient, higher-quality faucets.  In contrast, most of the other companies we worked with seemed more concerned with measurements and sticking with kind of a “canned” installation approach vs. customizing to best suit the individual customer needs.  Shane’s approach made me feel much more like he was more invested in providing what was best for our specific home vs. just another “job”.

After the site survey, Shane promptly provided a detailed electronic quote via email with an itemized list of the work being performed, cost and even included some optional/recommended items in a line-item format.  This made it significantly easier to decipher between the base work that was required from the option/recommended items and the associated costs.  Shane also politely contacted me a few days later and asked if there were any additional questions he could answer regarding his quote.

Once we had all of the final quotes in for review we asked the top 3 plumbing companies for a list of references.  Shane promptly and willingly provided several references from similar types of jobs.   Although I already had a solid confidence in California Repipe Specialist’s ability to effectively perform the job I proceeded to contact the references provided.  Each reference I spoke to had nothing but positive comments about their experience, workmanship and professionalism for California Repipe Specialists.  I did the same process with a few more of our “top” companies; it was a necessary step in my process before investing several thousand dollars in re-piping work.

After our assessment was complete, my wife and I discussed the top vendors and unanimously agreed that California Repipe Specialists was going to be our selection for the re-piping job.  When I notified Shane at California Repipe Specialists that we made our selection, he was able to schedule a time slot only a few days later to begin the job.  I met with Shane the first day of the job to discuss the final details.  He took the time to carefully review various options and provided me with enough information to make the final decisions on the overall work to be performed.   Shane and all members of his crew were very pleasant and professional during the entire job.  Needless to say things went extremely well.  My wife and I were extremely pleased with the quality of the work performed.  Equally (if not more) important was the fact that the entire job was completed with very minimal visible patching.  The California Repipe Specialist crew explored various paths and found the least intrusive and least visible routes for the plumbing work.  Aside from looking under the sinks, the work performed was barely even noticeable.  The crew also did a very good job of cleaning up any mess at the end of each day as well as at the completion of the job.  Shane also took additional time to explain how they executed the job and showed me the basics on how to operate the new water softener and filtration system they had installed for us.

At the conclusion of the job, Shane promptly provided us with our invoice.  To this day we are extremely satisfied with the new plumbing and able to enjoy piece of mind.  I would provide my full endorsement to anyone who would consider California Repipe Specialists as a vendor of choice.  Thank you Shane and the California Repipe Specialist crew for your outstanding work and professionalism!


- The Parkers, Grand Terrace, CA