Very Nice, Polite, Knowledgeable, Dependable and Clean!

Dear Shane:

What a relief it is to know that we won’t be having any more pipe leaks here at the house. It was terrible after we had just remodeled the kitchen to have 3 or 4 leaks develop in different areas of the kitchen, at different times. The cabinets got wet and, in turn, the paint peeled plus holes were in the walls that needed to be redone. Finally, since the repipe, we have taken care of most everything except for the kitchen cabinets. It is so nice to be back to normal again.

Dennis and I really liked everyone who worked on our job. They were very nice, polite, knowledgeable, dependable and clean. We were surprised that the job only took a couple of days to complete. Yes, pleasantly surprised.

Thank you once again for everything. We will definitely refer our friends to your company if they need a repipe. Our son-in-law and daughter were the ones that referred your company to us. So, they were quite satisfied.


- Carol (and Dennis) S.