1. Image of a crack in slab concrete

    Tips for Finding a Slab Leak

    Water can do an incredible amount of damage over time. In nature, gigantic boulders split by the ice or eroded away by a constant drip. The same goes for your home and your foundation. Water leaks can erode your concrete foundation slab if left unchecked. Here are some ways you will know if you have a leak in your home that may be affecting your foundation, called a slab leak. Water Bill A higher…Read More

  2. Slab leaks are a headache

    Slab Leak Specialists Long Beach Residents Rely On

    It is very common for slab leaks to occur in Southern California due to the ever changing landscape and the possible earthquakes that we all deal with.  Much of the older housing in the Long Beach area consists of piping in those homes that still has old, leaky, and corroded pipes.  As time goes by, moisture continues to accumulate in the foundation of those homes which over time will eventually…Read More

  3. Trust our repipe plumbing experts

    A Slab Leak Can Really Put You Underwater Financially: What Are The Signs?

    What are the tell-tale signs of a slab leak that can be occurring under your home right now? Knowing what to look for is sometimes the only way to combat this problem as it can be extremely expensive to repair if not recognized right away.  Do you ask yourself these questions a little too often lately? “Why is my water bill keep going up each month?” “I keep hearing water running but I know…Read More

  4. Slab leaks are a headache

    What Causes Slab Leaks? The 411 from Specialists in Long Beach

    Knowing the symptoms of a slab leak, the next step is to know what is going on that creates this problem. Slab leaks occur so frequently in California because of the way the water system works and the chemicals put there, but that doesn't have to be the only cause, and the only way to fix it is contacting the slab leak specialists Long Beach trusts. Ways a slab leak can happen include: Corrosion …Read More

  5. Image of a fixed slab leak pipe

    Why Repiping your Home Could Benefit You

    In today’s trying times it seems as though we all want to talk about problems. When do you think, is the right time to Repipe your home in Orange County? Clean We are a family and we know you are to. Should the water that runs in your house be the same? Knowing that you and your family will be either drinking, using it for cooking, washing clothes and taking showers you need to know that what yo…Read More

  6. Slab leaks are a headache

    Leaky Slab got you down?

    Have you ever been sitting in your living room and thought you left the water on in the kitchen?  This is a disturbing feeling that can have you chasing sounds in your house for hours trying to find it! Signs of a Slab Leak The more disturbing feeling is, knowing that there is something more brewing.  That unpleasant surprise when you get your water bill and it’s more than twice what you norma…Read More

  7. Repipe with our plumbing experts

    Save Money Repiping Orange County

    Who is busy Repiping Orange County? With purchasing a new home there are many factors to think about. The existing water system and piping is one of them. Ever walk into a house, turn on the water and catch a foul odor in the air? These are just a few examples of what can be happening behind those walls and floors. Watch Out for Galvanized If your house was built before the 60’s up to the 70’s…Read More