1. Image of a sink faucet with water dripping out

    The Danger of Grease in Your Pipes

    It is a beautiful Orange County morning, the birds are chirping, the kids are still sleeping and you are cooking bacon. Ahhhh, bacon—that king of cured meats, the complete opposite of kale, the court jester of the pork world. It is well-known that bacon is unhealthy but that it tastes so good, almost too good. If you eat enough of it, the lovely nitrates, fat and sodium will clog up your arterie…Read More

  2. Image of Tankless Water Heater On Wall

    What is a Tankless Water Heater?

    Picture yourself groggy and shaking off the cobwebs of sleep. A hot shower is next on the agenda and you begin the 10 minute ritual of waiting for the hot water to reach the shower. Do you go through something similar to this everyday? Does it take what seems like forever for the hot water to get to your shower or washing machine? We discussed comfort systems last time and now can look at tankless…Read More