1. We redo your copper piping

    The Benefits of Copper

    A naturally occurring metal, copper is mined both above and below ground.  The benefits of this element are great and increasing, so it only makes sense to use copper to repipe Anaheim. These benefits include, but are certainly not limited to: Versatility.  There is no doubt that copper is one of the most versatile of the metals.  It can be refined to be soft for the benefit of difficult space…Read More

  2. We repipe copper plumbing and more

    Do you hear that? It could be a slab leak.

    Whether we're talking about a river carving a canyon or water carving a hole in your pipes, the corrosive nature of water should never be underestimated.  However, many times, its power goes unnoticed.  Even after your pipes develop a leak, the damage can go so much further. When structures are built on slab foundations, there are pipes that travel underneath, doing their job every day undetecte…Read More