1. Image of a sink drain with disposal cover

    Are Your Pipes Leaching?

    We have been talking about home inspections that you can do yourself and the indicators that point to issues with your pipes. We talked about the importance of keeping your water heater as clean as possible. This may mean a replacement at some point. We discussed the visible leaks in your pipes and how they can affect your water pressure. We talked about the tendency for pipes to build up deposits…Read More

  2. Image of a pipe partially buried underground

    Summer Solstice

    Last time we talked a bit about the inspections that should be done in the spring. Well, summer just happened. Let that sink in for a minute. Spring has passed you by and before you know it, it is time to change the calendar. Today at approximately 3:34 the summer solstice…does something. It is not really clear what happens but the day is the longest of the year. It sounds good when you can tell…Read More

  3. Image of an old stone sink

    Natural Gas and Aging

    A gas leak is a dangerous prospect for any homeowner. It is little things like a natural gas explosion that can keep a person awake at night. I say “little things” because we have all seen the after effects of a natural gas explosion on the news and it’s not pretty. So how can you enjoy that vacation to Mexico without worrying? Call your California Copper Repipe Specialists for a gas line in…Read More

  4. Image of a sink faucet with water dripping out

    More On Reverse Osmosis

    Last time we discussed reverse osmosis water systems and the viability of installing a unit during a PEX repipe. I specifically mentioned a PEX repipe due to the fact that it is the best for a reverse osmosis system. Why, you ask, is PEX the best material for reverse osmosis purification systems? It seems that the water exiting this type of purification system is extremely corrosive to copper pipi…Read More

  5. Image of Reverse Osmosis

    Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

    Let’s explore for a moment, the new phenomenon of reverse osmosis water systems. During a PEX repipe it is an option to add filtration systems such as this. So, just what is a reverse osmosis water filtration system? Well, simply put it is just like any other filter system; water flows through a medium and flows out pure. In the case of reverse osmosis, the water is filtered and the contaminants…Read More

  6. Image of Tankless Water Heater

    Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

    Last time, we discussed the theory and operation of a tankless water heater. In the most basic terms, a tankless water heater heats water on demand, and eliminates the storage tank. This addition can be added quite easily during a copper repipe or if major repairs are needed. There are advantages to installing a tankless heater. Advantages Clearly, it is in the best interest of everyone to conserv…Read More

  7. Image of Tankless Water Heater On Wall

    What is a Tankless Water Heater?

    Picture yourself groggy and shaking off the cobwebs of sleep. A hot shower is next on the agenda and you begin the 10 minute ritual of waiting for the hot water to reach the shower. Do you go through something similar to this everyday? Does it take what seems like forever for the hot water to get to your shower or washing machine? We discussed comfort systems last time and now can look at tankless…Read More

  8. We've got the right pipe building tools

    Commercial Piping Systems (And The Abuse They Take)

      We have talked a lot about residential plumbing and some of the issues encountered, but what about a large commercial building? Now I am not talking about an airplane hangar or a building on that scale but what about a modestly sized car lot with a small shop in the back? A business is just as important to monitor for plumbing issues as your home. PEX repiping is a cost effective option for…Read More

  9. Gas pipes are a modern necessity

    Get In Some Hot Water With a Comfort System

      Technology and water are words that, when put together, do not usually mean good things. Those words usually reference a cell phone that has taken a dip in the toilet. Oh boy, get out the bag of rice! But at California Repipe Experts, we think of technology as much more than our cutting edge PEX repiping services. Think hot water, on demand. That’s right, the convenience of hot water on d…Read More

  10. Image of traditional looking house with picket fencing

    Old House? Good Bones Doesn’t Always Mean Good Pipes.

    Do you suspect an issue with your plumbing? Well unless you are thinking about that drip in the middle of the night, there is probably nothing to worry about. That is assuming your home is fairly new. The age of your house plays a large part in determining if you need to call an Anaheim repiping specialist for your plumbing, but just what is it you want to look for? Well we have seen in the media …Read More