1. Repipe with our plumbing experts

    When to Repipe Your House Part 2

    In our last blog, we talked about the need to call California Repipe Specialists if you have yellow or brown water in order to avoid unsightly staining of clothes and household items. Another way you know if you need your house repiped is to look and see if you have galvanized pipes. This is easy if you have access to the pipes. They will be silver or grey in color instead of being the same color …Read More

  2. Repiping is our specialty

    5 Ways To Know It’s Time to Repipe Your House Part 1

    California Repipe Specialists know that many people don’t have money to throw into unnecessary home repairs. We do want you to stay healthy and get the most out of your house, therefore, it’s imperative that your water pipes are functioning to their full effectiveness. Since most pipes are covered with walls or floors, it’s important to know how to identify a problem early on so you don’t …Read More

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    Copper Repiping In Orange County Can Save You The Money You’re Wasting Everyday

    There can be signs that you may have a water leak and you may not even know it.  Leaks develop and occur in the some of the most unnoticeable places, waiting to pop its ugly head out when you least expect it.  Being able to see the signs before it’s too late can be extremely advantageous and save you a lot of money in the long road.  These leaks can occur anywhere in your home including your …Read More

  4. Image of a fixed slab leak pipe

    Why Repiping your Home Could Benefit You

    In today’s trying times it seems as though we all want to talk about problems. When do you think, is the right time to Repipe your home in Orange County? Clean We are a family and we know you are to. Should the water that runs in your house be the same? Knowing that you and your family will be either drinking, using it for cooking, washing clothes and taking showers you need to know that what yo…Read More