1. Do you need a whole home repipe Featured Image?

    What is a Whole-Home Repipe and Do You Need One?

    If you own a home, the list of improvements you would like to accomplish is probably extensive. The most popular home remodels are the kitchen and bathroom, and every year, thousands of homeowners rip apart their kitchen and bathrooms, installing new sinks, faucets, and trendy backsplashes. Maybe the backsplash has an alternating pattern of seashells or cowboy boots, regardless you will more than …Read More

  2. Image of a pipe with a burst and leaking water

    Springtime In Your Basement

    Spring has come to Orange County and if you are like some of us, it is time to start finding all of the stuff that is wrong with your aging home. A good place to start is your basement. Now, the pipes in your basement are probably the original installation. That is, unless you have had a nightmarish, basement-flooding, pipe-bursting, emergency situation this winter. The thing is, those sort of pro…Read More

  3. We redo your copper piping

    Fixing Pinhole Leaks in Copper Piping

    Pinhole leaks happen in copper pipes and though the name says they’re small, they can still cause damage to your property. These little leaks can cause water to seep into drywall or insulation and cause mold and water damage if the water doesn’t dry out. This has the potential to cause health problems for those residing in the home. Pinhole leaks can be difficult to know if your house has them…Read More

  4. PEX repiping is cost-effective!

    PEX Piping Can Change your Water Flow

    PEX pipes are relatively new in the plumbing industry. They have only been around since about 1970, when they were invented in Europe. They became accessible in the United States during the 1980s. PEX is short for crosslinked polyethylene, the material from which they are constructed.  They have been used in radiant heating and commercial building services in the pipeworks. Currently, they are be…Read More

  5. Slab leaks are a headache

    Slab Leak Specialists Long Beach Residents Rely On

    It is very common for slab leaks to occur in Southern California due to the ever changing landscape and the possible earthquakes that we all deal with.  Much of the older housing in the Long Beach area consists of piping in those homes that still has old, leaky, and corroded pipes.  As time goes by, moisture continues to accumulate in the foundation of those homes which over time will eventually…Read More

  6. Repiping is our specialty

    5 Ways To Know It’s Time to Repipe Your House Part 1

    California Repipe Specialists know that many people don’t have money to throw into unnecessary home repairs. We do want you to stay healthy and get the most out of your house, therefore, it’s imperative that your water pipes are functioning to their full effectiveness. Since most pipes are covered with walls or floors, it’s important to know how to identify a problem early on so you don’t …Read More

  7. Image of a crack in slab concrete

    The Benefits of Gas Repiping in Orange County

    Older homes can have a lot of issues. Inadequate wiring, poor air flow, and old pipes can all pose problems. If your home was built more than 30 years ago, it's most likely that it contains galvanized or black iron gas pipes. Over time, these pipes will corrode, and the flow of gas will be obstructed. This can lead to more serious problems, such as leaks and cracks in your gas pipes. A gas leak is…Read More