Orange County Service Areas

Orange County is used to the hustle and bustle lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you should experience the same from your property’s piping system! We’re proud to provide dedicated local service all throughout Orange County.

Whether you are hearing weird sounds coming from your pipes, physically seeing leaks, or just think that it may be time for an updated system in an older property, California Repipe Specialist is your go-to choice for any piping needs. Contact us today with any questions or to request repiping service in Orange County.

Repiping Services

We are not just limited to one type of pipe or medium, as we can repipe classic copper pipes just as effectively as the newer PEX piping material. PEX piping is a new form made from crosslinked polyethylene, providing an alternative that is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and resistant to freezing and shattering. We also are adept at repiping pressure, water, drain, and gas pipes, proving us to be a one-stop-shop for all of your repiping needs.

We are capable of handling any project size, so no matter if you are in a 2-bedroom home or the owner of a large-scale business operation, we are the choice for safe repiping that is sure to hold.

Don’t Risk It With Outdated Pipes — Contact Us Today

We’re proud to be able to provide service to Orange County more efficiently with our newest office in Mission Viejo, expanding from our Los Angeles office. We are able to provide the same reliable service our customers expect, with quick response times and expert installation.

Contact us or visit our newest location to learn more about how we can reshape the way you view your piping! Get started today by requesting a free estimate for repiping in Orange County.