Drain pipes are used to transport water out of your home and into the city sewer system. It is vital that this water be properly emptied out of your home in order to prevent leaky pipes, mold growth, water damage, and potential health problems for your family. Often, older homes were piped with galvanized steel that tends to corrode over time. As your pipes corrode and rust you may find that your home has low water pressure or discolored water. Additionally, poor pipes will cause your toilet to backup and often sewage is spilled under your home which causes odor and health problems for your family.

Quality Work That Lasts

We redo your copper pipingWhen you trust the California Repipe Specialist you are guaranteed to get pipes that will last. We use long-lasting cast iron or ABS pipe which is both durable and cost effective. Drainage systems are most often on a gravity flow system. If you have small leaks or corrosion on your drain pipes they may not leak or leak very little. However, if a main sewer system stoppage occurs, this gravity flow line will now be under pressure and can shoot water out of small pinhole leaks or cracks as if you had on a faucet. It is important that you have high quality pipes installed in order to protect your home as well as the safety of your family.

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