That slow drain.

The constant, low pressure in the shower.

A rotten egg smell.

All of these conditions are indicators of aged or damaged water, sewer and gas piping. Of course if you are smelling the rotten egg smell of escaping gas, the best thing to do is leave the home at once. Similarly, damaged or clogged sewer lines can allow sewer gas to leak into your home, creating an unhealthy situation. Water can seep from old pipes creating rot and mold issues in your home.

At this point you have two options, allow your pipes to deteriorate and fix them a piece at a time – for the next twenty years. Or you could call your local, Hacienda Heights complete repiping contractor, California Repipe Specialist. We specialize in water, drain, and gas line whole home replacement. For our customers in Hacienda Heights, we provide the peace of mind that the job is done right and your plumbing is the best it can be.

Gas Repipe– The rule of thumb for gas lines is if your home is more than forty years old, the gas piping should be inspected. California Repipe Specialist is your Hacienda Heights gas line repipe professionals and we utilize the most cutting edge gas piping technology to ensure a safe, efficient gas line system.

Drain Repipe– Your home’s drain is an underappreciated necessity and if it is not in working order, can create huge headaches; literally, sewer gas leaking into your home can make you and your family sick. California Repipe Specialist is your Hacienda Heights drain pipe replacement contractor. We even repair drain line slab leaks which can be a big problem, stay ahead of the issues and have your drain repiped today!    

PEX repiping is cost-effective!PEX Repiping– PEX is a relatively new technology that is gaining approval in the plumbing community. It is worth looking into if you are planning on a whole home repipe, as an alternative to traditional copper piping. If you think that PEX is the right material to repipe your home, contact your local Hacienda Heights PEX repipe experts, California Repipe Specialist.

Copper Repiping– Traditionally water pipes have been made of galvanized material. Galvanized pipes are proven to break down over time and the ideal replacement material is copper. Copper has been the standard for many years now and a whole home repipe is the ideal way to upgrade from the old galvanized pipe. Contact California Repipe Specialist for more information about copper repiping.

We take great pride in serving the people of Hacienda Heights, as your local repiping specialist we welcome you to contact us for any of your plumbing-related issues. Get your free estimate today and improve your home’s plumbing with a whole home repipe!