The Cost of Repiping a Home

When it comes to the longevity and integrity of a home, one of the foundational pieces of the establishment is the piping throughout. From water pipes to drain pipes and gas lines, each runs an important function throughout the building. If you are looking for repiping to be done, it is most likely because your current plumbing system is becoming outdated or there are consistent leaks in certain areas/throughout the entire building.

The general process of repiping a facility for continued longevity involves a few steps. First, the new pipes are installed in the property. Once the new system is up and running, the old system is disabled, making it obsolete.

Typical Cost of Repiping

When trying to determine the cost of a repiping project, you can use comparable projects based on your size of home in order to get a general idea of the potential costs. For instance, if you are in an average home equipped with 3 bathrooms, you are looking at a cost anywhere between $4,000 to $10,000, depending on the size of the home and location of fixtures.

For the most part, each repiping project is a customized and tailored process that is not a one-size-fits-all. Each house has its own layout when it comes to plumbing. Each house brings up points of ease and points of pain in various criteria that help determine the price of the completed project.

Top Factors Impacting Repiping Cost

When partnering with a California Repipe Specialist, the cost is based on multiple factors that impact the duration of the repiping, enhance the difficulty of the project, and bring more costs to all parties involved. Here are some of the factors that impact the overall cost of the projects that are completed by the California Repipe Specialists.

Square Footage

Square footage is the overall size of a home in a standardized measuring system. One square foot is a 12” by 12” area, and when fully added up around the whole property, this total relays the overall size of the home. This unit of measurement is standard across construction and plumbing industries, and it has become a standard for discussing pricing with clients.

The square footage of a home impacts the price of a repiping project because the bigger the property is, the work, materials and time will be increased. These numbers will be taken into consideration when performing an initial consultation.

Number of Fixtures

Fixtures are outlets of the piping system into the house. This can include things like water faucets, toilets, sinks, as well as the outlets for gas in your home like ovens and gas fireplaces. Homes can have an immense variety of these fixtures, including how many of each are in the property.

The number of fixtures will impact the cost of the repiping project because with more fixtures comes more areas for improvement and consideration. The number of fixtures will be counted and examined during the consultation meeting.

Location of the Fixtures

The location of fixtures determines where the production output of the piping structure will take into account. While many sinks and toilets have a very clear distinction of where their locations are, some gas lines and interior lines can be harder to find unless the house is examined thoroughly, which can include exposing additional areas inside the wall.

Location of the fixtures will impact the cost of the overall project because if a home has more fixtures that are more difficult to work with (typically found in custom homes), then the cost of labor and materials will go up.

Changing the Fixtures

With certain properties, especially older ones in dire need of a repiping project, the current fixtures (bathtubs, sinks, toilets, faucets, gas lines) will not transfer over to the modern fixtures that we see in newer homes. Replacement of these fixtures will be essential to ensure that the repiping project is a success and that there is no residual issues with leaking or functionality when the team completes and leaves the property.

The costs associated with the repiping will go up if this is the case because the cost of the new fixtures will be in addition to the materials themselves, as well as the installation from our team. This can be an optional choice for those who want new fixtures regardless but will possibly be a requirement for others with older properties.

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Water Replacement

For some clients, especially those in older areas or properties, they might want to opt into a water filtration in addition to their repiping. Water replacement filtration systems allow the pristine conditions of your water to shine through, or it will at least get it as close to perfect as possible compared to the current water you are living with.

The reason this increases the pricing of your project is that many of the parts for water filters are expensive, and the installation of them tacks on labor costs. In general, this is a completely optional add-on, but if you have not been satisfied with your current water situation, replacement while you are already making changes to the overall structure and system is a great idea. It makes more sense to knock out both projects at once rather than replacing your piping and still realizing that the water has not received the attention it truly needs.

Water Main Line

In most cases, the reason for all of your home’s piping issues stem from a combination of interior malfunctions. But in some more extreme cases, the core of the problem is caused by an issue with the main water line. The main water line is what delivers water to your entire home from the city’s public water supply. As you can imagine, this is a very important and fundamental aspect of living the routine and normal lifestyle that we are all accustomed to.

The California Repipe Specialists have the knowledge and experience to help bring your property and life back on track. Fixing your water main line is not really an option, it is a requirement. Consult with us if you think there may be an issue with your main water line.

Type of Repiping Material

Another factor to consider when calculating the cost of the project is the type of materials you want to use to complete the job. While the team of California Repipe Specialists will help guide you in what direction would be best for your unique situation, knowing about each of the materials and applications beforehand will help you understand which ones would be best for you. We have previously discussed this topic of Comparing Different Repiping Materials and Types.

In short, different repiping materials come with their own pros, cons, and price tags. Learn more about each of the materials, and be sure to discuss your ideas about each when you are going over your project and the associated cost with the team of California Repipe Specialists.

Age of the Home

Related to many of the other factors we have discussed on this page, the age of your home will be one of the largest factors that goes into determining the price of your home’s repiping project. The older the home, the more opportunities for underlying issues to arise that can impact the cost of the project. This can even be as simple as the material used for walling (drywall vs. plasterboard). While newer properties have somewhat standardized certain aspects that allow for ease of access and reworking, older homes (especially custom ones), tend to provide the most problematic applications for the repiping team to work with.

The trusted staff of California Repipe Specialists will work with you to provide the best services at competitive prices.

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Implementing a new piping structure into your current home or facility can positively impact the value of the property along with the health and wellness of you, your family, friends, and guests. The California Repipe Specialists offer a complete and holistic approach to your repiping needs. By working with you directly, we can figure out what is necessary, what is optional, and how you envision your property after all is said and done. Whether you know for a fact that you need a repiping, or you have just now noticed a small problem in your water, drains or gas supplies, be sure to contact the staff of the California Repipe Specialists for advice, expert application, and proven results!