Image of a family posing in front of a sold sign

The housing market in Orange County is on the verge of what many would call insane. The price goes up every time you take a step closer to the Pacific and a few months ago the Orange County Register declared that a new all time high of $675,000. It is enough to make a person pack up and move. Given that there is no relief in sight, it is best to hang on to the home you have and hope for the best. Of course when the economy is in a downslide the best thing to do is hunker down and hope for the best. Not that we are in an economic downturn in any way, but housing prices have gone through the roof. At this point you are probably sitting on a nice bunch of equity in your home and the prospect of selling might be slowly eating away at you. The media keeps saying that the market is extremely strong right now with a demand that far outweighs the supply. What better time to make some simple repairs, like a repipe by California Repipe Specialist, and flip your home for twice what you paid for it?

Aging Infrastructure

When you sell your home the first thing to think about is what an inspector would look for and recommend fixing. In fact it may be of benefit to hire a home inspector to look over your home in order to be thorough. Many times, issues come from the plumbing and the age of the pipes. This is nothing out of the ordinary as pipes simply were not made as well 30 years ago as they are today. If your plumbing is an issue the best thing to do is contact California Repipe Specialist and schedule a free estimate for a whole home repipe.

A Whole Home Repipe Is Full Of Options!

Generally, a full copper repipe will cure any plumbing issues that you will have inside your home. We can add options like a hot water comfort system and even repipe the gas lines in your home.  The water pressure will improve, your water efficiency will increase and your water will taste better. It might be a dramatic enough  difference that you may just decide to keep your home instead of selling. We want our clients to be happy with the work we have done and if we can make your life better with our repipe services, we feel that our job is complete. So whether you are experiencing plumbing issues and need advice on where to turn next or you are looking to refurbish an older home for sale, contact your local repipe professionals, California Repipe Specialists.