Bold image of repipe to cure zombie pipes

The fall is upon us, no, not the season, but the fall of society as we know it. Soon, there will be a massive earthquake and zombies will come pouring out of the crack in the earth. Hold on… No, this is not the next action film starring The Rock, but one of the many apocalyptic conspiracy theories that are thrown around all the time. At California Repipe Specialist, we don’t really buy the earthquake stuff and zombies, come on. Of course, living in Orange County you really can’t discount the possibilities of either phenomena. The subject of zombies emerging from an earthquake fissure got us thinking about repiping a home (because, you know, why wouldn’t it?) and all of the precautions that we take in earthquake prone areas. Repiping a house is an art form and one that should last the test of time. We make every available effort to produce the best quality of work with the least amount of disturbance to your daily life. Our expert plumbing technicians are adept at replacing an entire home’s plumbing system with minimal trace, in fact, you will not even be able to tell we were there. We can replace your pipes with a variety of different materials copper, PEX and much more. Simply ask us about the many options available for repipe. Don’t forget, a whole home repipe is not complete without a drain repipe. A smooth drain will dump waste water easily and efficiently, not like an old drain. Old drains are slow, smelly, and offensive, kind of like a zombie.

Zombie Pipes

As blatantly ridiculous as it sounds, zombies and old pipes have a lot in common. (And you thought that only your mother-in-law shared zombie traits!) Zombie pipes are a shell of their former selves.  Regardless of whether they are water, gas, or drain pipes, a significant amount of damage can happen just through daily use. There is a saying about water, that it is the greatest solvent on earth, meaning that your pipes are literally being eaten from the inside out. Water, being the fantastical substance that it is, carries with it a wide variety of chemicals and minerals, depending on where you get your water. These substances are dissolved within the liquid and eventually might end up stuck to the inside of a pipe. Take the calcium buildup that you may see on your shower head over time — that stuff is like solid granite. Chances are, if you have buildup on the outside of your pipes, the issue is even worse on the inside. All it takes is one small chunk to wedge into an imperfection in the pipe and create all of the perfect conditions to form a blockage. Many times we will cut open a pipe and the inside will be restricted, the water obviously being choked off to the point of inefficiency. By this point it is too far gone to clean the pipes and they must be replaced, once the gunk has taken hold it will continue to build up.

When your pipes are so bad that your water pressure suffers, it is time to act, and by act we mean perform a whole home repipe. We will come in and asses the situation, looking for things like how much water pressure you should have, how fast the drains are draining, and the water clarity. Water clarity can tell a lot about your pipes, like if there is an issue with blockage or buildup of calcium. If we determine that the entire system is compromised, the most logical thing to do is perform a whole house repipe. We will also check out your drain system. Ther drain lines on your home, or sewer, are actually a system of pipes connected at various angles. The thing about a drain line is there is virtually no pressure in the system, unlike the supply lines. This means that drain lines tend to accumulate more sludge and debris faster than supply lines. Of course drain lines also have to contend with the stuff that is flushed down the toilet and  sink, which is pretty gross. To cure a nasty drain, it is often necessary to redo the entire drain pipe system. At California Repipe Specialist we are your local company for plumbing restoration and repipe. We can help you get rid of your zombie pipes once and for all. Next time we are going to delve into the weird world of earthquakes and how we compensate for the potential of seismic activity. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your pipes could use attention. Whether your drain is slow, your water pressure is low, or your water is tasting funny, we can handle the issue. We look forward to helping make your home free of zombie pipes.