Image of an old victorian style house

A crowning moment in every person’s life is when they buy a home. It doesn’t have to be a new home or a huge piece of land, it just has to be a home that you are passionate about. In Orange County we are fortunate to have a large number of homes that were built in the mid-20th century. These homes are situated in neighborhoods with aging utility infrastructure and tons of character. These homes are desirable for the fact that they have a distinct history in California. Generally when realtors are helping home buyers, they look at the client’s preferred style and determine if they are open to living in an older home. Many homeowners desire a new home in the suburbs with the gorgeous pool, all located a broomstick width away from one another. The older homes feature a more generous plot of land with much more character than a mass produced home in a sterile development. This aspect can be good and bad depending on what you are willing to deal with.

Classic Homes

The term classic has a ton of meaning in collector circles. There are classic Mustangs, classic motorcycles, classic PEZ dispensers and even classic recording media like compact disks. The problem with owning a classic in the true sense, is the fact that it is old. And as anyone over forty will tell you, after that point, stuff just starts falling apart, particularly if it is being used. This is true for vehicles as much as it is for homes. An unmolested, one hundred year old home is bound to have a large amount of problems. In fact, if a hundred year old home that has had zero maintenance is still standing, that would be nothing short of a miracle. The homes that have survived have done so with a large amount of care. That being said, do not let the maintenance deter you from owning a “classic” home, for they can be one of the best investments you will ever make.

Home Restoration

There is a growing community of people who truly value the rare item that has been untouched. For example, a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle that is in its original condition, meaning that it has never been painted and has its original engine, is now sparking more interest than a car that has been fully restored; at least in some circles. The same goes with homes today, to a point. People are buying classic homes to have the best of both worlds, to live in a classically designed home completely updated with all modern features. In the vehicle world this is known as a restomod. A home restomod includes upgrades to almost everything but the basic architecture of the home. The appliances, the wiring, the flooring and yes, even the plumbing.

Modern Wiring

In order to truly make a home modern you need to have updated utilities, meaning that the plumbing and wiring would need to be totally replaced. Have you ever stared at a picture from the 1950’s at a home covered in Christmas lights and wondered just how many of those homes were destroyed in a fire. The wiring in the homes of the 1940s and 50s was far inferior to what we have today. By today’s standards the way they were installing wiring back then was downright scary. If you have ever seen wiring that resembled a fuzzy caterpillar, that is the cloth sheath around the wiring itself. This wiring is commonly referred to as knob and tube and, even though acceptable in some areas, but should really be replaced with modern wiring. Our current demand on electricity is something that never could have been anticipated in the past and many homes need to be upgraded to accommodate.                                  

Modern Plumbing

At California Repipe Specialist we specialize in upfitting older homes with modern plumbing; we tend to think of it as the best thing you can do for your old home. Old pipes are unique in the fact that they may either be made of, or contain lead. We know from the past that lead in drinking water can cause developmental issues in children that are exposed. Replacing lead pipes with a full copper repipe will not only keep your family safe, it will ensure that you will not have to worry about your plumbing for avery long time. If a copper repipe is not your thing and you want to go completely modern, choose the PEX repipe. PEX is a plastic material that is durable and ideal for carrying water. It can bend around corners and go places where rigid pipes cannot, making the repipe of an old home a snap.

Go Ahead!

It takes a special person to buy and old home and modernize it. At California Repipe Specialists we would love to partner with you in restoring your classic homes plumbing and drain system. We even do whole home gas line repipes, please contact us today for a free estimate and we can get started on your dream home!