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    Natural Gas In Our World

    At California Repipe Specialist,  we have a recurring theme, and that theme is pipes. Today, if you Google the word “pipes” you will get all sorts results, most not having anything to do with water or gas. No, the sort of pipes that will pop up, are of the, *ahem*, recreational variety. Those kinds of pipes have been around a long time but surprisingly, so have natural gas pipes. We tend to t…Read More

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    Use a Pro for Your Gas Repipe

    Here at Repipe Specialist of California, we provide plumbing services to folks throughout Anaheim and Orange County. Those services include copper repiping, PEX repiping, slab leak repiping, and gas line repiping. If you’re in need of a new pipe structure in your home or business, you can count on the expert plumbers here at California Repipe Specialist. Today, we’re going to talk about the la…Read More

  3. Gas piping replacement is important!

    Be Mindful of Natural Gas Dangers

    With the recent explosion in Tianjin, China; we’re reminded that serious accidents can happen. If you haven’t heard of the Taijin explosion incident, feel free to check out a news article on the explosion here. As a gas repiping specialist here in California, I consider accidents like these a reminder to keep tabs on the gas lines in your home. Please have your gas lines checked regularly to k…Read More