1. Image of a piping fixture with water spraying out of the sides

    The Dreaded Slab Leak

    A horror is lurking beneath your Orange County home and you probably don't even know what is happening. In some places, the pipes to your home are buried directly under the foundation. These include pipes that carry water into your home, pipes that carry waste water out of your home, and pipes that carry natural gas into your home. If any of these lines were to rupture or otherwise become compromi…Read More

  2. Slab leaks are a headache

    Problems Abound!

    If you’re dealing with a slab leak here in Orange County, you’d better get on the line and give us a call right away. California Repipe Specialist is your local Orange County plumbing specialist contracting company, and we know how to fix a leak before you break the bank. Leaving a slab leak unfixed, on the other hand, can lead to all sorts of problems. Damaged Property As with any leaking pip…Read More