Image of Pipe Sculpture

If you are looking to turn your old copper pipes into an interesting project after a copper repipe in your home or business, consider creating a copper sculpture. Sure, you might not have welding tools and cutting tools for your old copper pipes, but there are a couple of projects I would highly recommend which only involve bending your old copper piping. Just remember, bent copper piping is liable to buckle, so bend carefully, and wear gloves to avoid getting snagged on sharp exposed metal!

Archimedes’ Screw

This is a great project, and a fun way to teach the kids a little physics. An Archimedes’ Screw is a simple machine that has been used for ages to transport materials. With a pipe Archimedes’ screw, you can actually create a simple fountain. The screw is essentially just a spiral of pipe. If you have the ability to bend your old copper pipe, try to coil it around a dowel. Once you’ve completed your coiling, your screw is ready to move water. Place the bottom of the screw in a bucket of water with the whole length of the screw laying on a slope. This angle of the slope should be relatively shallow. Now, rotate your screw so that the bottom is taking in water as it turns. Now, gravity will work its magic. Since the water wants to fall towards the earth, it will stay in the lowest portion of each coil segment; and as you turn your Archimedes’ screw, the coil segments (now containing water at their respective bases) move themselves upward until… the water comes out at the opposite end of the coil!

Spiral fountain

This is a project similar to the Archimedes’ Screw, in that the physics are rather similar. Bend your copper into a completely flat spiral. Start from the center of the spiral and work outward. Ideally, the center of the spiral is as centered as possible. The initial bending will be difficult, as you’ll have to perform a tight bend to start your coil. Again, be cautious! Copper pipes kink easily. Once you have your copper piping spiraled, you’ve got a simple fountain!

Align your spiral vertically, with the lowest part of the tube submersed in water. Rotate the spiral so that the outer opening takes in a bit of water. Spin, spin, spin, until you begin to have water pouring out of the middle opening!

The spiral fountain works in the same way as the Archimedes’ Screw. The liquid captured with each full turn rests at the lowest point of each spiral segment. The spiral segments slowly rise, until the lowest point is the end of the pipe!

If you’d like to see a video of a slightly more complex version of the spiral fountain – where flowing water automates a waterwheel with a spiral fountain attached to it – you can check out the video here!

So remember that your old copper pipe isn’t useless! Have a little fun with your leftover scraps. And remember to call California Repipe Specialist with all of your repiping needs! We are your repiping professionals, with years of experience performing copper repiping in Anaheim. We also provide PEX repiping, gas line repiping and more!