Slab leaks are a headache

It is very common for slab leaks to occur in Southern California due to the ever changing landscape and the possible earthquakes that we all deal with.  Much of the older housing in the Long Beach area consists of piping in those homes that still has old, leaky, and corroded pipes.  As time goes by, moisture continues to accumulate in the foundation of those homes which over time will eventually cause you to have major structural issues supporting your home.  By not having your leak detected soon enough, you are further damaging your foundation or slab as air pockets get created and begin to weaken the concrete slab even more, pulling on the the pipes, and result in a repiping within your slab.  California Repipe Specialist are the slab leak specialists Long Beach residents and business owners rely on to quickly diagnose their slab leak and providing an affordable solution that is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Trust California Repipe Specialists

We have been in the industry for 20 years and have the experts that can assess your water leaks and educate you on how to replace your leaky piping that is causing you to further damage your property.  Why are you continuing to ignore the signs that are telling you there is a major problem going on under your home?  You need a professional team on your side to help you solve your slab leak problems. California Repipe Specialist is your answer.

Call today and schedule your Free slab leak detection estimate before you damage your homes foundation any more!