Slab leaks are a headache

Knowing the symptoms of a slab leak, the next step is to know what is going on that creates this problem. Slab leaks occur so frequently in California because of the way the water system works and the chemicals put there, but that doesn’t have to be the only cause, and the only way to fix it is contacting the slab leak specialists Long Beach trusts.

Ways a slab leak can happen include:

  1. Corrosion – Because these pipes are underground, they can react to both the soil around them and the water inside. When it comes to electrical charge, water is generally neutral, but if the ground is not, there could be electrolysis going on, which wears on the pipes from either side. For hot water pipes, this generally occurs on the outside of the pipe, while for cold water pipes, it happens on the inside.
  2. Abrasion – As we said before, water is a powerful and patient force, capable of withering even the strongest material. When water is constantly passing through the pipes, not only can the movement be wearing it from the inside, but the vibrations from this movement against outside soil and rock can wear it front he outside until, eventually, the pipe springs a leak.
  3. Pressure – Natural events or construction that is less than acceptable can create a situation which crushes or bends the pipes in certain areas. This leads to lower water pressure immediately, and over time, the weaker points will begin leaking.
  4. Defects – The way the pipe was made or placed can lead to leaks as well.

If any of these happens, or you suspect a slab leak, contact the California Repipe Specialist Long Beach loves today, before any damage occurs.