Image of Slab Leak

You may be surprised to hear is at least 80% of slab leaks are hot water leaks in Long Beach or Orange County homes. Most of the time the water from a slab leak will soak into the foundation and the ground first, so it may be a while before it is detectable on the surface. To save you money on repairing the damage from the water leak, there are many ways to check for a water leak, specifically a slab leak. In our last blog, we gave tips for finding leaks. Here are more signs you have a slab leak, either a hot water or cold water. One area you may want to monitor on a regular basis is your water bill. This would be your first indicator of a water leak, and it would show a huge increase in water usage. Other signs are:

  • a hot or warm floor—if you don’t have radiant floor heating and your floor feels warm or hot to the touch, this may be a sign that the slab leak has surfaced;

  • your hot water heater is running constantly—It will be running constantly to keep up with the demand of the outflowing water leak;

  • water leaking from the foundation of your home outside or from under walls—If there are no water sources nearby, it more than likely indicates you have a slab leak.

If you do find evidence of a slab leak, call us at California Repiping Specialist so we can send a licensed and bonded plumbing specialist out to repair the slab leak problem the right way the first time. 877-215-8994