Trust our repipe plumbing experts

What are the tell-tale signs of a slab leak that can be occurring under your home right now? Knowing what to look for is sometimes the only way to combat this problem as it can be extremely expensive to repair if not recognized right away.  Do you ask yourself these questions a little too often lately?

“Why is my water bill keep going up each month?”

“I keep hearing water running but I know I have everything turned off, what’s going on?”

“Why is the floor warmer in this area of my floor then the entire floor around it?”

“My carpets in my family room feel damp and have a strong mildew smell, where is the moister coming from?”

We hear these questions all the time at California Repipe Specialist as we are the expert Slab Leak Specialists in Long Beach.  Getting the answer to those questions is our goal when we inspect and show you that you aren’t losing your mind and may have a serious slab leak problem occurring right under your nose.  Depending on the age of your home, you may have pipes throughout your home that have become corroded due to age and be leaking water up to your home, which presents a whole list of other issues that can affect your health and safety of everyone living there.

If you suspect a slab leak may be happening, don’t delay any longer and call California Repipe Specialist now at 866-202-4901 and let us give you a free estimate before it’s too late.