We repipe copper plumbing and more

A drainage system is what takes the used, dirty water from your house to a disposal area outside the home. It consists of two parts: the drain pipes inside the house and the building sewer which is outside. Many people think that the most important piping in the home are the pipes that bring you water, and for this reason, drains are very often overlooked. We are here to bring you a new outlook on the importance of drain repiping in Orange County.

The tell-tale sign of drains that are not working right

  • Backed-up: You have noticed for a while that your sinks don’t drain water as quickly as they used to, and it’s gradually gotten to the point where it’s a race to wash your hands before the sink fills up.
  • Strange noises: Drains that gurgle and slosh are never a good sign.
  • Slow-pokes: Toilets that have a hard time flushing, showers that feel more like baths, etc.

If any of these are happening in your home, it’s time you called a California repipe specialist. The best time to do this is when you are already getting your house repiped, as the walls and areas of your home are already under construction.

However, if there is an urgent need, then waiting is not the best idea. Stalling on repiping your Orange County home can result in health risks like mold, sewage smell, corrosion and overflowing sinks and toilets.

If you are worried about your drain pipes, contact us today for a free estimate and peace of mind.