Image of a pipe with a burst and leaking water


Spring has come to Orange County and if you are like some of us, it is time to start finding all of the stuff that is wrong with your aging home. A good place to start is your basement. Now, the pipes in your basement are probably the original installation. That is, unless you have had a nightmarish, basement-flooding, pipe-bursting, emergency situation this winter. The thing is, those sort of problems do not only occur in the winter; clearly we do not get the harsh winters of Chicago. Let’s talk for a bit about what to look for in your basement and how to tell if a repipe is the right thing for your home.

Spring Cleaning

It is important that you inspect your pipes at least once a year. Have you ever seen any signs of moisture collecting on your pipes? How about a feeling of increased humidity in your basement? Low water pressure? All of these conditions could mean that your water pipes are leaking somewhere. Do yourself a favor and inspect those pipes around your water heater. Water heaters themselves are a major cause of home leaks, be it through the bottom rusting out, the relief valve or the actual pipes. Water heaters are basically holding tanks and will collect massive amounts of sediment over the years. The perfect time to replace that aging water heater is if you believe that it is time for a copper or PEX repipe. Please give us a call for a consultation about the state of your pipes. Repipe Specialist is here to help, contact us today!