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Who is busy Repiping Orange County? With purchasing a new home there are many factors to think about. The existing water system and piping is one of them. Ever walk into a house, turn on the water and catch a foul odor in the air? These are just a few examples of what can be happening behind those walls and floors.

Watch Out for Galvanized

If your house was built before the 60’s up to the 70’s, chances are that you have galvanized water piping. Over time this piping can begin to incur a foul build up inside and outside of the piping. Corrosion and rust are some of the most common issues. At the time it was considered to be the most durable solution of its kind. These defects over time will increase the opportunity for leaks, decreased water pressure, foul odor and more… Today the most common replacements for the retired service lines are Copper Piping & Pex Piping.

Since every home is different setting a standard in this situation is to provide the best-case scenario in doing the job right. You can do the inspection visually, but knowing the lengths to which the damage goes is only as far as you can inspect on the outer pipe. You have no way of knowing what is building inside the pipes that you cannot visually inspect. The longer the Steel piping has been in service means that the likelihood of there being further damage. The best option in these situations is re-piping to ensure that the repair is successful.You need a name known for Repiping Orange County to make sure you get a successful and affordable Copper Repipe service.

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