PEX repiping is cost-effective!

PEX repiping here in Orange County

Arguably one of the best recent innovations in plumbing, PEX piping is made from high density polyethylene and designed to be highly flexible and affordable. Due to its qualities, it may be better for your home than its metal counterparts like copper piping. There are benefits to all different kinds of piping, which is why we make sure to evaluate which would be best for each unique home, and in doing this, we are repiping Orange County with efficiency and effectiveness. We also are experts in replacing gas lines, repairing slab leaks and upping the efficiency of your drains.

The advantages to using PEX piping to repipe are:

  • Affordability. PEX piping is more cost efficient than copper piping. This is because it is easy to manufacture and, due to its high flexibility, it is even easier to install. That means you pay less service costs and less upfront as well.
  • Flexibility. Again, the ability for PEX piping to maneuver corners and tough spots without the need for elbow fittings means that you have fewer parts and fewer spots where something can go asunder.
  • Health. This piping doesn’t need to be soldered, which eliminates the health risks that may be associated with the chemicals and acid content normally brought with this process.
  • Higher Pressure. Because PEX can curve, there are less corners, which means the water doesn’t lose momentum.
  • Heat and cold resistance. Because copper conducts heat very well, often use of copper in hot water piping means a loss of energy. PEX piping does not have that problem. In addition, metal pipes are less moldable, so the threat of bursting when they freeze is more of a risk than with PEX.

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