Repiping keeps your drains clear

When you need repiping services here in Orange County, you’re probably looking to find a material with integrity, and a material that’s affordable. Unfortunately, there isn’t a slew of options to choose from when it comes to drainage piping. Drainage piping has to take on all sorts of volatile fluids (and some solids) that can easily damage traditional water pipes. With cosmetics, waste, hair, chemicals, and other materials flowing down the drain, your sewage pipes must be ready to handle a heavy duty. We provide two options for our drainage piping here at California Repipe Specialist: ABS piping, and cast iron piping.

ABS Piping

ABS pipes are composed of a composite plastic material that’s super heavy duty. This material is built to withstand the flow of most wastes for decades. While it is super durable, ABS Piping is more prone to leaks than cast iron piping. However, it is a more affordable repiping option.

Cast Iron Piping

Cast iron piping is incredibly durable, and can last even longer that ABS piping if cared for properly. Cast iron is very strong and it’s lifetime can extend to over 100 years! Corrosion does eventually occur, so if you have old cast iron piping in your home or building, have it inspected by a repiping specialist here at California Repipe Specialist!