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There can be signs that you may have a water leak and you may not even know it.  Leaks develop and occur in the some of the most unnoticeable places, waiting to pop its ugly head out when you least expect it.  Being able to see the signs before it’s too late can be extremely advantageous and save you a lot of money in the long road.  These leaks can occur anywhere in your home including your attic, inside the walls, basement, family room, bathroom, and kitchen.  When leaks occur outside of your home, they can cause severe damage under your concrete slab and this alone is a problem that you absolutely want to address immediately due to the structural integrity of you home.  The best way to protect yourself from water leaks and potential foundation issues with your home is investing in Copper Repiping from California Repipe Specialist.  We have been the experts with residential, commercial, and industrial copper repiping in Orange County for 20 years!

Repiping and Slab Leak Specialists

We have seen every type of water leak possible and know that with each leak, it could’ve been prevented if the signs were recognized early enough. Aside from the damage to your home from leaks, you may be impacting the safety of everyone living in the home as leaks can also cause serious mold problem which will impact your overall health. You may be living with these issues now and not even know it.

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