We repipe copper plumbing and more

We're your copper repipe specialists.

If your home is experiencing leaks, low water pressure, or yellow water, the problem is most likely with your pipes.

Over time, pipes erode and mineral deposits build up, creating galvanized and corroded water pipes.  Galvanized pipes are a direct result of mineral, specifically zinc, deposits which clog pipes similar to the way that plaque clogs arteries.  This could be the reason that your home is experienced a decrease in water pressure and why you have to time your showers according to the washing machine.

The solution? Repiping.

Too many times, homeowners have waited too long and had pipes burst or leak, creating new problems of mold and structural damage, or health issues from drinking unhealthy water due to corroded pipes.

Join us in our effort to repipe Anaheim.

In two days or less, you could be seeing higher water pressure, healthier water, high quality plumbing, and a positive selling point for your home.  We offer both copper repiping as well as PEX repiping services! Contact your California Repipe Specialist today for a free estimate and stop the worry.