We repipe copper plumbing and more

Galvanized pipes have been a common plumbing implementation after cast iron piping fell out of popularity. Galvanized pipes may be built out of zinc-coated iron or steel pipes. These pipes are strong and may last up to 70 years, but they do have many drawbacks. Most notably, water quality will suffer as a galvanized pipe ages. In this way copper piping and PEX piping are superior piping choices, and it’s why copper and PEX pipes serve as the most common repiping options here at Repipe Specialist of California.

The Benefits of Copper Over Galvanized

Galvanized piping is liable to corrode and grow plaque over time. This corrosion can cause a pipe leak, while plaque buildup can lower water quality. As a galvanized pipe ages and wears, it’ll become coated in plaque. This plaque is liable to flake off and be consumed. Old galvanized piping may discolor water, cause water to have a metallic taste, and it may be unhealthy. Copper piping is less likely to discolor water or put off a metallic taste as it ages. If you’re considering repiping your old galvanized pipes, copper is a superior choice.

The Benefits of PEX Over Copper

PEX piping is a relatively new material to the piping market. PEX is ideal for interior repiping applications because it can last indefinitely so long as it is not exposed to sunlight or dirt. Copper is still the optimal choice for most buried piping applications, but PEX provides the unique benefit of lasting for lifetimes in interior spaces.