Do you need a whole home repipe Featured Image?

If you own a home, the list of improvements you would like to accomplish is probably extensive. The most popular home remodels are the kitchen and bathroom, and every year, thousands of homeowners rip apart their kitchen and bathrooms, installing new sinks, faucets, and trendy backsplashes. Maybe the backsplash has an alternating pattern of seashells or cowboy boots, regardless you will more than likely tear it out in 10 years when it looks dated. Remember the tan countertops of the late 80s and early 90s? Good luck finding a home with those anymore. The point is, kitchens and bathrooms are one of the most altered parts of the home, seemingly on the whim of new styles and decoration trends. 

Rarely are we remodeling our kitchens and bathrooms due to functionality. Think about it this way: you can add all of the pretty tile and onyx-mixed-with-concrete countertops you want, but your plumbing is still going to be substandard. What good is that Bluetooth controlled shower head if it has the water pressure of an angry sea cucumber? In less technical terms, while new faucets are nice, if your water pressure is sub-par, all of the chrome in Anaheim will not make using your faucet any better. 

And what about the drains? Finding yourself using clog-destroying blue goop from the hardware store more often? After you brush your teeth do you watch the toothpaste swirl in the sink, praying it will actually drain? Just as your plumbing has “aged”, your drain has deteriorated along with it, making your drains slow and easy to clog. Many times a bathroom remodel will include a new toilet. Heck, they have toilets now that will suck down a golf ball, and if you have drain issues, you may never get the chance to test out this claim without plugging up the whole drain line. While we would never seriously suggest that you flush a golf ball down the toilet, even if you wanted to, a slow drain will just not take it. Not to mention the damage something like that will cause to a municipal sewer system. So resist the urge to see just what your new toilet is able to flush down — if you have kids they will do it for you. 

If you are planning a kitchen or bath remodel, it is always a good idea to consider the age of your plumbing and drain system. At California Repipe Specialist we are your local whole-home repipe professionals and we have done thousands of residential repipe. The most convenient time to perform this extensive service is during a renovation. While we can perform a repipe anytime, wouldn’t you rather have your remodel includes everything all at once? 

A Whole-Home Repipe? 

You may be wondering, what exactly is a whole-home repipe? A whole-home repipe is a process that includes either tearing out or abandoning the existing plumbing and drain lines in favor of completely new hardware. We have a few different options to choose from when it comes to deciding what kind of pipe you are going to use for your repipe.     


PEX pipe is a newer type of water line that is made of crosslinked polyurethane. Used to replace PVC water pipes, PEX is much more forgiving and bendable than rigid PVC. This makes PEX the ideal material for a repipe in which challenging conditions may be found. PEX is a less expensive option than copper and that can be very appealing when your budget is tight but you need a repipe. 


The gold standard for plumbing is copper. Not only do copper pipes last for decades, but they are also resistant to blockage. Copper water pipes are coated on the inside to make sure that they do not rust and will stay useful for many years. 

Drain Repipe

Most of the time, our clients will elect to perform a drain repipe at the same time as the whole home water repipe. Upgrading your drain is the best way to combat slow drains and frequent clogs. 

When Do You Need A Repipe?

The answer to that is a bit more vague but there are many tell-tale signs that you need a repipe. 

  • Dirty or Yellowed Looking Water – Old pipes may rust and leave water discolored 
  • Low Water Pressure – When pipes decay they can form restrictions which cause low water pressure
  • Leaking Pipes – If your pipes are leaking, it is time to do something about it.
  • Galvanized Pipes – If you still have galvanized pipes it is time to upgrade. Galvanized pipes degrade internally causing sediment in your water.

We could go on, but you get the idea. If you are planning a remodel in the near future you should consider a whole-home repipe. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of plumbing issues, or continually have to keep fixing your plumbing system, it is definitely time for a repipe. Contact the repipe professionals at California Repipe Specialist today and do everyone else a favor, don’t flush any more golf balls down the toilet.