Image Of Exterior Drain

In Anaheim, having a home with a septic system can be a real drag, particularly if your pipes are in disrepair. If that is the case, it is critical that you contact the repipe experts at California Repipe Specialist. Shoddy pipes can cause all sorts of problems in your home. Issues like leaks, low water pressure and slow drains can be a nightmare down the road, as most often, the problems seem to compound and become unmanageable. If you have old cast pipes the potential for lead contamination is possible. A full copper repipe of your home is in order, as it will fix the existing problems and prevent new ones.

The Portal to The Septic System

If you have a septic system you probably don’t give much thought to how it works. But basically, it starts with an inlet. That inlet is essentially the sewer lines leading out of your house and maintaining a good flow through your sewer lines will increase the effectiveness of your septic system. A septic system is much more complex than most people believe. Let’s begin with the portal to your septic tank, the toilet. The toilet is essentially a way to get rid of waste through carrying it away with water. All the way back to pre-Roman times, people have used some sort variation on this ideal. The plumbing was different but the idea was the same and it was better than squatting behind the rocks, I mean, there are snakes out there.

The modern toilet came into homes and instantly the amount of waste compounded in the sewer systems. This led to wastewater treatment facilities and more complex sewer lines. The septic tank is truly a brilliantly easy idea and if you have one, you essentially have a little water treatment plant. The toilet is only one part of the septic system, as all of the drains in your home are more than likely connected to a common pipe leading to your septic tank. The efficiency of your piping system is critical to your septic system. Replacing the septic system can be a real nightmare and making sure that it stays in top shape is of major importance.

Treat Your Pipes With Kindness

How you treat your pipes is a major way to keep your septic system in proper repair. A septic system works like this; waste is flushed into a septic tank through the sewer pipes in your home. It then separates and the solids fall to the bottom of the tank, leaving what is technically known as sludge. Inside the tank, a natural process of bacteria breaks down the solid wastes and they accumulate on the bottom. The practice of pumping out the septic tank is generally performed every couple of years. This is critical to the overall health of the system, and don’t fall for the gimmicks that promise of additives that make the biological process more efficient, as there is no information that says they work. Once the solids are broken down, the wastewater exits through outlet piping into what is known as a leach field. The leach field is an area that disperses the wastewater into the ground, allowing it to be reabsorbed into the groundwater while being filtered through the ground naturally. It is important to note that excessive use of household cleaners, poured down the drain can damage the bacteria in your tank and create a nightmare.

An Ecological Marvel

A septic system is truly a marvel in its simplicity and depends on all of its parts to function at its proper level. Now what exactly does this have to do with repiping? Essentially the moment that water enters your home it is destined for the septic system. Substandard pipes can create issues with supply and drainage. Take for instance cast iron pipes, these pipes rust inside and allow particles to flow into your septic tank and could eventually plug up the leach field. Replacing your inlet pipes with copper or PEX will prevent rust particles from entering your septic system. A sewer line system that is aging and crumbling can allow sewage to leak into the ground, or even your basement. At California Repipe Specialist, we replace sewer and drain lines in your home as well. A cracked sewer line under the slab will lead to a void under your home and will allow soil into your septic system, not to mention raw sewage contaminating the ground under your home. A complete sewer repipe can ensure that the waste flowing out of your home is reaching the septic tank.

So, if you think it is time to upgrade the old plumbing in your home, either to enhance the performance of your septic system or simply for better tasting water, give the repipe experts at California Repipe Specialist a call today.