We repipe gas implements

Low gas flow, like low water pressure, can become a big problem and a waste of energy for your home. Also like low water pressure, it may be an indicator that something else is going on beneath the surface. However, this something else could be far more serious than a leaky water pipe: a leaky gas pipe can be deadly. Many homes built before the 1970’s can have this problem, which is why we encourage you to join in our effort to repipe Anaheim.

Aging Gas Lines

Until the 1960’s and 70’s, homes and businesses were fitted with gas lines that were composed of black and galvanized pipes. Unknown to the specialists at the time, these kinds of pipes were extremely susceptible to erosion and rust. This meant that as they were used, the pipes decayed and built up inside, reducing gas flow and weakening the lines. If you have a home that is over 40 years old, we highly recommend calling a professional to see if your gas lines are holding up, and whether or not you need to repipe.

Beware of Buildup and Corrosion

Although this is a specific problem to older homes, new homes can also be susceptible to gas line build up and leakage. Especially with the SoCal earthquakes, a displaced gas line can mean the difference between safety and fire.

Exposure Could Be Lethal

Although natural gas is one of the lesser known poisonous kinds of fuel, it still has a major effect on the human body. Long-term exposure is never good and may even be deadly. Not to mention, having a natural gas leak means a high probability of explosion and fire, due to the gas’s high flammability.

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