We redo your copper piping

Get copper repiping here in Anaheim

A naturally occurring metal, copper is mined both above and below ground.  The benefits of this element are great and increasing, so it only makes sense to use copper to repipe Anaheim.

These benefits include, but are certainly not limited to:

  1. Versatility.  There is no doubt that copper is one of the most versatile of the metals.  It can be refined to be soft for the benefit of difficult spaces which require the metal to be bent around corners and molded to the area.  It can also be refined to be hard, or rigid, which is ideal for water systems which tend to erode piping.  There is also a very wide range of diameters for any piping needs.  Whether it’s gas, drainage, water, fuel, or heating systems, copper can be used with confidence to get the job done.  Copper is especially loved because it is strong enough to be mounted in concrete.
  2. Long Lasting.  Copper is highly corrosion-resistant.  This means it is virtually maintenance-free, never needing to be painted for protection and highly durable.  There is a reason copper piping has been one of the highest rating for customer satisfaction, and it is because it is a metal that has earned the trust of plumbers and home-owners alike by being lasting, reliable, and consistent.
  3. Painless.  Because of its versatility and inherent properties, copper is one of the easiest metals to install.  This translates into big savings for you because you don’t have to pay over-the-top fees for installation.
  4. There’s a lot of it.  That’s right.  For all you who are eco-savvy and environment-friendly, not only is copper efficient, versatile, and natural, the copper reserves in America alone are so abundant that at the current rate of consumption, there would still be plenty thousands of years from now.

Unfortunately, very old copper pipes were welded using a metal alloy which contained lead.  This meant that lead had a higher chance of seeping into the water supply.  That is why we are making every effort to repipe Anaheim by removing these old pipes and installing new copper pipes which are welded with a completely non-toxic and safe material.

Contact us today if you are worried that your copper pipes are too old, or if you have a system that needs repair.

Source: Copper.org