Let us replumb your appliances

Are you concerned you may need a drain pipe repiping soon? The best way to find out if your drains need repiping is to call on the pros here at Repipe Specialist to have us come in for an inspection. We’ll let you know how your pipes are doing, and how soon they’ll need to be replaced.

However, the second best way to find out if your drain pipes need replacement is to check yourself. If you notice any of the following systems, it’s very likely that your pipes are clogged, completely sealed, or leaking; and you may need to use our repiping services right away!

Sewage Smell

Your home or business simply shouldn’t smell like sewage. If you think you smell sewage in the air, it’s likely that sewage has overflowed out of one of your drains or leaked out of your drainage piping. If you can’t locate the source of the sewage smell, you can get in touch with us to locate the source of the problem for you.

Visible Leaks or Overflow

If you see it, it’s time to call it in! Look for signs that sewage or water has popped up where it shouldn’t be. Look for water stains in ceiling tiles and walls. And obviously, check for standing water on floors.

Flies and Other Bugs

Think there’s a problem but can’t identify the source? Bugs and flies may swarm and proliferate near sewage. These nasty critters thrive on sewage water, and if you’ve noticed a populous of bugs and flies, it’s likely that your sewage line and drainage lines aren’t entirely operable.