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California Repipe Specialists – your gas line, copper, and PEX repiping specialists – present a brief history of plumbing…

The Dawn of Plumbing

The advent of true plumbing – that is liquids transported via manmade piping – began as far back as 2700 BC. In that era, the populous of current-day Pakistan, and parts of India, began using simple plumbing, with the help of mere gravity, to transport water in their settlements. Original materials ranged from rock, to hollowed out tree logs – and from bamboo shoots, to custom crafted clay pipes. All of these technologies were successful, but most of them were rather impermanent.

Roman Metal

Eventually, Greek and Roman civilizations began constructing metal pipes to supply their city with potable water – and to remove wastewater from these cities. Previously, wastewater was simply dumped into the street, or into cesspools and ditches. Often, wastewater would contaminate potable water, and a havoc of disease would ensue. Potable water transported to the heart of cities allowed for further development of the growth of cities, and it allowed for luxuries including bathhouses and heated pools.

Lead Pipes

In a different era, the industrial revolution truly allowed plumbing to proliferate. The advent of mass-produced lead piping meant long-term water solutions. These pipes were watertight, allowing for pressurized systems, but again – they were made of lead. After lead was discovered to be a hazardous material, copper became the norm, and thereafter, PEX plastic products take current reign in many modern plumbing installations.

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We hope you’ve learned a bit about plumbing today, and of course, you can always count on California Repipe Specialists for your PEX or copper repiping needs – no matter how ancient your pipes are!