Image of water pouring into a sink bed

When you are looking for a home, the last thing you will want to worry about is dealing with faulty pipes. That, of course, should go unsaid, but is not always the case. When you buy an older home, the piping infrastructure has been redone at some point. This includes gas and water pipes, which are many times the source of leaks. The piping that is generally neglected or not replaced because of the difficulty is the drain lines. Although they are many times neglected, your drain lines and sewer lines are an integral part of the plumbing infrastructure. At California Repipe Specialists we are your local residential and commercial repiping contractor. Not only do we do whole home repipes but drain line replacement and slab leak repairs. Choose the best when having your home’s plumbing replaced.     

In-home Drains

Many time when discussing a drain line, we think of the obvious, like the drain in the sink or the sewer line for the toilet. That is only a small part of the drain system in your home. Each and every faucet in your home has its own drain, same for the toilets. These drain lines are all interconnected in what can be a complex system of pipes, traps and vents. You know those vents on the roof of your home? Many times those are vents for the drain system. The purpose behind the drain venting to the roof is to dissipate what could be dangerous gasses from the sewer itself. Many times, sewer gas will be harmlessly vented to the atmosphere where it dissipates naturally, but if your home has an unkown drain pipe leak, your home could be slowly filling up with toxic sewer gas and making you and your family sick. If this is the case, it could be very difficult to discover without professional intervention.

It’s Complicated

Your drain lines are run through walls, hidden in ceilings, and even buried under your foundations. This can make it difficult to determine if your home is actively suffering from a leaking drain system. With water lines it is fairly easy to spot a leak, what with the falling drywall and bubbling paint, a drain is much harder to determine if there is a leak. The pressure of a water line is responsible for the easily accessible leak discovery but drain lines are almost always gravity fed and will seep instead of a dramatic leak. Think of it like the difference between a reality show starlet (dramatic water leak) and an NFL kicker (slow seep). The starlet is loud and in your face, commanding attention, while the kicker is generally not even allowed to give interviews unless there is a missed point. The poor neglected drain line is the NFL kicker of your plumbing system. Are drain lines easy to replace? It’s complicated.

Drain Repipe

The ideal time to replace your drain is when you are considering a whole home copper or PEX repipe. Many time when the water lines are bad, the drain is not far off. Think of it as a one to one system what come out of the faucet will generally go back into the drain. It would only make sense if the drain lines were due for replacement at the same time as the water lines. But what if your water lines are only a few years old and you have no idea how old the drain lines are? Many times the conditions of a clogged drain are easy to recognize but not so for a leaking drain. A special camera can be put down a drain to search for leaks. The problem lies in the fact that the main drain line is almost always under the foundation, making it difficult to determine a leak. While many drain lines are just fine with a few leaks under the foundation, the intrusion of water and sewer gasses under the home could cause settling and ultimately a damaged foundation or worse, a sinkhole!

If In Doubt, Replace It!

The decision to have a whole home drain replacement will benefit you in two ways: your drains will not become clogged as easily, and you can sleep easy knowing that your drains are not allowing caustic sewer gas into your home. At California Repipe Specialists we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible result. We are experts at replacing drain and water lines hidden behind walls with little to no indication that we were ever there. And with hundreds of satisfied homeowners we are truly an industry leader in Orange county. So contact us today for your free estimate and an opportunity to get a free comfort system with your whole home repipe. What exactly is a comfort system you may ask? Well it is a complete system that allows for on-demand hot water while lowering your water heater cost. Of course a comfort system can be mounted to either a water heater or directly to the lines, making a tankless water heater. Installing these sorts of options is much easier when performing a whole home repipe. You can even consider upgrading to PEX plastic piping or simply use proven copper piping. Contact us today for more information about available options for your home drain and water repipe. Don’t wait until there is an issue, when in doubt, replace it!