Image showing concrete breaking from an earthquake

We live in a beautiful area, Orange County is the heart of California and we are fortunate to live here. There is a downside however, the threat of seismic activity is always upon us. Living next to the mighty San Andreas fault we are always under the umbrella of the impending “big one”. The debate has been raging for years about whether or not California will, someday, fall off into the ocean. It is a good bet that we are going to be safe for a long time, but the first time someone says that, bam, goodby West Coast. The reality TV losses alone would leave a cultural hole in our national psyche.


Seriously though, we talked a bit about the fact that here in Orange County we have a large amount of slab homes. Slab homes are usually well constructed and have advantages over those with crawl spaces. The layout is appealing to some because of the lack of a basement and therefore minimal stairs. This does highlight one disadvantage however, all of the piping is either under or inside of the large concrete slab your home rests on. This being the case means that any little shake, rattle and roll can damage your pipes and cause a slab leak. So to protect your pipes from earthquakes by moving to somewhere that doesn’t experience earthquakes like Minnesota.

We Can Fix It!

Say that you have some damage and maybe a slab leak the Repipe Specialists will be able to repair all of the plumbing issues. If you have a slab leak it is generally a major operation to fix it and what better time than now to replace your aging plumbing infrastructure with a PEX repipe. We are your local experts for all of your repipe needs call today for a free estimate. Call today!