Image of Reverse Osmosis

PEX repiping is cost-effective!Let’s explore for a moment, the new phenomenon of reverse osmosis water systems. During a PEX repipe it is an option to add filtration systems such as this. So, just what is a reverse osmosis water filtration system? Well, simply put it is just like any other filter system; water flows through a medium and flows out pure. In the case of reverse osmosis, the water is filtered and the contaminants are diverted back down the drain.

How It Works

Essentially it works like your run of the mill water filter, but instead of the filter medium being made of things like paper and cotton, it is a membrane. This membrane only lets certain substances through and only predetermined-size molecules are allowed to pass. The process was pioneered to allow seawater to be converted to drinking water! Due to the size of the membrane it is necessary to force the water through. The water is pressurized to allow it to pass through the membrane and the material that is not allowed through is flushed down the drain.

What It Removes

As I said before the original purpose of a reverse osmosis filter system was to allow seawater to be converted into drinking water. We all know that seawater is a stew of dissolved minerals and salt. Reverse osmosis removes all of those things and more. There are two different opinions about reverse osmosis filter systems, both offering valid points. Some like it and some think that the mineral content is too low once the water is filtered. We can talk about the differing viewpoints next time. Please call Orange County’s repipe specialists today!