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Spring is the best time to buy a home, specifically April and May depending on where you are looking in Orange County. Home buying time generally comes with a lot of stress, particularly if you are looking to sell a home and buy a new one. Your old home may have some issues that have been overlooked for years and that is generally OK. But when it comes to your pipes, that is not something to let deteriorate. At California Repipe Specialist we know exactly how to solve your aging pipe problems, before you sell your home. We have over 20 years in the industry and we have perfected the art of low impact whole home repiping. We make it painless and will not destroy your walls in the process.

Do You Really Need A Repipe?

When you turn on your water, or the furnace kicks on, chances are the reason that you are able to experience these modern marvels of technology is through a good old pipe. Pipes, like roads, are simply pathways to direct liquid or gas to where they should be. Now, if the integrity of the pipe is compromised, the liquid or gas will not stay confined in its safe conduit and create issues, i.e. water all over the floor or a potentially life-threatening natural gas leak. Generally when a home is built, one of the first things done after framing is the plumbing, that includes both the gas and water pipes. So if your home was built in the 1970s that means you probably have Brady Bunch era plumbing. Chances are, there have been a few repairs made in that amount of time and eventually you have a plumbing system that is a cobbled together stew of old and new pipes with varying splices and unions. In other words you have a plumbing system on the verge of utter collapse. Think of it like that old cartoon where the character sticks his finger over the leak and pretty soon there are more and more leaks popping up all over the pipe. Yeah aging pipes are kind of like that.         

Rest Easy With a Whole Home Repipe

When we perform a repipe, we generally use either PEX or copper material both are far superior to the pipes that were commonly used 40 or 50 years ago. PEX is a revolutionary material that we have been using for quite some time. It is flexible, durable, and extremely friendly to work with. The ease of PEX installation make it ideal for the home that has a cobbled together plumbing system. Many refuse to commit to a whole home repipe due to the fear that your walls will be trashed and your lives will be disrupted. At California Repipe Specialist we have an extremely fast turnaround and a track record of satisfied customers. We know how to get the job done without turning your life inside out. If your pipes last saw the light of day during the Carter administration, it is time to give California Repipe Specialist a call today.