Image of three PEX piping tubes

PEX piping has carried some controversy with it as its use has become more prevalent in the US. The benefits of using them outweigh any negatives as they are more durable for interior use, they are cheaper to install and they are corrosion resistant, making them last more than 75 years. All of these benefits far exceed that of its copper counterpart for water pipes. They are quiet too, whereas copper pipes tend to make noise as they change temperature with water flowing through them.

If you are concerned about the debate that has swirled around the use of PEX, but really like the benefits, there are ways you can use them in your home without succumbing to the use of them for pipes that lead to drinking water. It’s great for radiant heat, for instance. You can have the pipes from the water heater to the heating registers. Radiant heat isn’t as common in newer homes that have forced air so an air conditioning unit can be used, but they are useful in areas that don’t get accessed by the heating vents or areas where the ventilation isn’t as good. Your Orange County plumber can help you install radiant heat if you don’t have it currently. The PEX repiping can be limited to a small area of your home, rather than for the whole home if you have reservations of using it.

Another option that has become more common in homes is the in-floor radiant heating. The PEX pipes work well for in-floor heating. Here again, you have the option to limit the use of the PEX pipes, but get the benefit of them at the same time. Contact California Repipe Specialists for a free estimate on repiping your home for your comfort and peace of mind.