PEX repiping is cost-effective!

PEX pipes are relatively new in the plumbing industry. They have only been around since about 1970, when they were invented in Europe. They became accessible in the United States during the 1980s. PEX is short for crosslinked polyethylene, the material from which they are constructed.  They have been used in radiant heating and commercial building services in the pipeworks. Currently, they are becoming more common for use in residential homes. The benefits of PEX pipes are many for water lines.

Copper and PVC pipes are hard and rigid. They require fittings for the curves, therefore installation can be complicated and laborious. PEX, however, can be flexed and curved without the use of fittings. They are also less prone to cracking when frozen. Because they are resistant to cracking or breakage, they are more advantageous than copper or PVC pipe in areas that hit freezing temperatures. They also offer longevity because of their durability.

Another benefit about PEX piping is that it doesn’t transfer heat as easily as copper piping.  It holds the temperature of the water, therefore, it’s more energy efficient than copper, which loses some of the heat as it’s flowing through. If a copper pipe has hot water in them, they will be hot to the touch. This is not as true for the PEX pipe. They will still be warm and this is way they have historically been used in radiant heating.

If you wish to lower your energy bills or if you need to repipe your house, consider using PEX for your repipe with Repipe Specialists in Orange County.