Image of a sink faucet with water dripping out

Last time we discussed reverse osmosis water systems and the viability of installing a unit during a PEX repipe. I specifically mentioned a PEX repipe due to the fact that it is the best for a reverse osmosis system. Why, you ask, is PEX the best material for reverse osmosis purification systems? It seems that the water exiting this type of purification system is extremely corrosive to copper piping.

What can be done?

The availability of smaller reverse osmosis systems means that they can be mounted under a kitchen sink, for example. Many companies are making faucets specifically for reverse osmosis water. This means that the benefits of RO water are available in your kitchen through a dedicated source.

What about a repipe?

Let’s say that you need to do a repipe on your home but would like to stick with copper. Well, if you would like to install one, a reverse osmosis system can be mounted near the demand area, such as a faucet used for drinking water or a refrigerator with a water dispenser. The copper will be run all the way to the mounting point and PEX to the faucet.

Further Considerations

The verdict is not completely in concerning reverse osmosis purification systems. Some sources say that they remove too much from the water, rendering it unhealthy. Time will tell if this filtration process stands the test of time. RO water is far superior for washing and cleaning because of the lack of dissolved minerals. This means no water spots on your dishes and a cleaner car. If you are in need of a repipe and want to explore options, give California Repipe Specialists a call!