Image of a glass of water filling up

We have talked about the effect that dirty gas lines can have on your appliances. The same goes for your water lines. Aging water lines are the culprit of many of the issues that Americans have with their water. The past usage of lead in piping homes and municipalities has become a big deal. We have all seen the issues that arise when lead levels are deemed to be unacceptable. Think of Flint Michigan and the problems that they have been dealing with. The unfortunate facts are if something similar were to happen in Anaheim or Orange County there really isn’t anything that could be done. Ok, that is not entirely true; you could call the California Repipe Specialists for a full PEX repipe.

Repipe Now!

The advantages of doing a repipe in your home is the fact that, even if the water coming in is questionable it is possible to get filters that screen out lead. This is a self-preservation type of situation and one in which a whole home repipe can help.

A cool new way to produce safe water to drink is to utilize a distiller. Your new repipe will ensure that the water in your home is safe but the water coming into your home still needs to be treated. A distiller is the best way to go about that. Basically, it works like this: The water is heated into steam and recondensed back into the water again. It is that simple to get the cleanest drinking water available.


The combination of a whole home repipe from California Repipe Specialist and a distiller for your drinking water is the ideal situation for healthy water for you and your family. The unfortunate truth is we cannot trust the water treatment facility but we can control what goes on in our own homes.