Image of a complex piping system with hydronics

It is an exciting time to be in the plumbing industry. California Repipe Specialist is at the forefront of the industry and we’re California’s top rated plumbing and repipe specialists. We perform whole-home repiping for gas lines, water plumbing and drain pipes. We are a family-owned company and believe in treating our customers with the utmost respect and care. When you elect to utilize our services, you are trusting the safety of your family to us and we do not take that responsibility lightly.

Time for A Repipe?

When is the proper time for a repipe? Well, depending on the material your home is currently fitted with, either a copper or PEX repipe is definitely an option. The perfect time to do a repipe is when a remodel is being planned. The nature of a whole home repipe is best planned along with something like a remodel. That being said, we are experts at creating exceptional results with very little intrusion, but who doesn’t want an upgrade of their home? A repipe and a remodel go hand in hand!


Many very cool features can be added to your plumbing system when a remodel is planned. One of the emerging upgrades from your home is a radiant floor heat system. The radiant floor heat system utilizes hot water flowing through PEX piping to heat your home in the winter. Now you may be thinking that utilizing hot water to heat your home is crazy but it is actually a very viable option especially in places like Anaheim. Hydronic heating, as radiant floor heating is called, has many advantages over forced air heat and offers increased efficiency.     

Worth the Effort

The major downfall of hydronic floor systems is the fact that in order to install it the entire floor must be torn up and retrofitted. Once the installation is complete it is a very simple system to run and has very little heat loss compared to forced air heating. Forced air by nature, can introduce all sorts of dust and allergens into the air, whereas hydronic heating is fairly passive and much more sanitary.

Safe, Reliable Floor Heating

It works like this, the hydronic system is set up similar to an underground sprinkler system that you may have in your yard. The water originates in a boiler and is piped through a manifold which circulates the water through the PEX piping in the floor. The water then returns back to a mixing valve to maximize the efficiency of the process. Hydronic heating is a super simple, elegant way to heat your home. A word of caution however, if your home is exclusively carpeted, hydronic heating is generally not the best option as carpet actually insulates the heat away from the floor.   

Let California Repipe Specialist Install It!

If you think that a remodel is in your future, consider a PEX or copper repipe from California Repipe Specialist. We can explore the possibility of adding hydronic heat to your home. Please contact us for a free estimate and don’t wait until your old pipes become a nightmare, repipe today!