Gas pipes are a modern necessity


Technology and water are words that, when put together, do not usually mean good things. Those words usually reference a cell phone that has taken a dip in the toilet. Oh boy, get out the bag of rice! But at California Repipe Experts, we think of technology as much more than our cutting edge PEX repiping services. Think hot water, on demand. That’s right, the convenience of hot water on demand and the opportunity to save water at the same time. Honestly, it sounds like advanced technology, but it is really just creative piping. We are Orange County’s specialists for creative piping!

Basically a comfort system works like this. The hot water heater heats the cold water from your main water supply. The water heater is set at a predetermined temperature and maintains that temperature through natural gas or an electric heating element. Assuming that your water system has a return line, a pump can be mounted at the water heater. If your home does not have a return system, no problem, there are options for that situation. Mounting the pump at the water heater allows cold water to be circulated to the water heater for an on-demand, instant supply of hot water!

Talk to us about instant hot water for your home. It may be time for a repipe of your home and that is an opportune time to explore accessories such as a comfort system. We can discuss tankless water heaters in a future blog as they are different than comfort systems. So give us a call so we can discuss your options and make recommendations!