Image of three PEX piping tubes

Finding ways to cut corners and save money on plumbing when you’re upgrading or renovating a home can be challenging. One way to save money is to look at the cost comparison of a PEX repipe versus a copper repipe for the cost of the supplies and the cost of installation.

How PEX is sold

With PEX repiping, there is no need to fit the pipes together because it is flexible and is generally sold on a spool or in sections of increments of 100 feet. With copper, however, it is sold in 10’ sections, meaning each of the sections and the joints need to be welded together with a water-tight seal to complete the repipe. The fittings for the copper piping create more work for the plumber and offer more of a chance for the pipes to leak after installation if the seals aren’t properly done.

Cost of PEX Compared to Copper

The PEX is graded to last for as long as copper piping, both around 50 years, so the overall cost of the products depend on their cost per foot, which can vary with the price of copper, but PEX runs about half of copper piping.

Getting your Home Repiped by Repipe Specialists


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